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Sepragen is proud to serve a large base of clients world-wide. It would take a while to list them all, so we've pulled a few well-known names from the list. We also have testimonials from customers regarding positive experiences with our products and services. If you'd like to hear what they're saying, please read on...

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Alpha Therapeutic Corporation (Web site)

"This is a personal letter of recommendation for Sepragen Corporation. We have purchased 6 columns ranging from 10lt to 200lt from Sepragen, and the craftsmanship, service and quality has been excellent. They have always been willing to go the extra mile to help and support us through our startup and maintenance activities until we are successful. Sepragen really puts their customers first."

Jeffrey Stephens
Project Coordinator

Avigen (Web site)

"The QuantaSeps are workhorses in our facility and are used routinely in development and production. They have enabled us to get work done with greater consistency in less time. We are satisfied with the performance of the QuantaSeps and - I might add - with the high level of care and responsiveness that Sepragen has demonstrated towards addressing our needs over the years. Their product technology and service are unmatched."

Guang Qu
Associate Director

Cohesion Technologies

"At Cohesion we have used a QuantaSep 1000 as a workhorse in both manufacturing and process development. We are quite satisfied with its performance. In our hands the QuantaSep has been a reliable instrument that is also easy to use and maintain. The flow rate range of the 1000 matched out commercial requirement for one process and pilot scale for another. It fits well into smaller processing spaces (critical when working in Palo Alto). Again, we have been happy with our QuantaSep 1000 and would be willing to discuss our experience with others"

Lou Sehl, Ph. D.
Senior Scientist and Team Leader

Dade Behring

"The efficiency of these products, in our hands, provides a significant advantage over other purification equipment we have evaluated for the following reasons:
  • The QuantaSep software is easy to use and train.
  • The QuantaSep allows us to reduce our standard direct hours, thus reduce our projected costs, by allowing a production chemist to perform multiple purification tasks simultaneously. This system eliminates the need to "baby-sit" all the individual purification steps. With reduced labor costs, the return on investment is easily less than two years for the QuantaSeps.
  • This programmable system insures lot-to-lot consistency, resulting in consistent elution profiles vs. the built in variability with more manual operations. A critical advantage for a GMP production process.
  • And finally, one unique advantage of this system is its versatility. We can run both our small and large volume production (5 liter to 200 liter) runs with the change over feature. No other systems we have investigated have that volume flexibility."
Dennis Gould
Manager, Antibody Manufacturing

Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

"We have purchased several QuantaSep Systems and use them routinely in development and manufacturing. They have provided us with the capability to scale-up quickly and reliably. The robust design and compact size has enabled us to add productive capacity without waiting for additional construction.

"The QuantaSep software is easy to learn and use. Automated processing and report generation have enabled us to get more done with the same resources. Our quality and consistency have improved, as well. I would highly recommend the QuantaSep® family of products to anyone."

Mark Oelkuct
Purification Manager

Neose Technologies, Inc.

"...Neose Technologies, Inc. has purchased equipment from Sepragen Corporation for installation in a pilot facility. The equipment included a chromatography pumping skid and some radial flow columns. This equipment has been received and installed and is performing up to our expectations.

"The quality of the components and that of the workmanship used in the fabrication chromatography skid is of top quality and the unit was delivered on schedule. The radial flow columns were fabricated and delivered ahead of schedule and their performance is excellent. A prompt and comprehensive installation service was provided on site to commission these units."

Kevin Pelin
Director of Manufacturing Operations

Roche Molecular Systems (Web site)

"At our company we have a need to produce purified protein at approximately the 1 gram scale, for use in process development experiments. We have developed a purification process that uses Sepragen's QuantaSep automated chromatography system and radial flow columns (250 ml and 100 ml scale). Using the automated features of the QuantaSep, our process can be completed during a normal 8 hour day, from disruption of the cell cake through both chromatography steps.

"I feel that there are several aspects of the QuantaSep that are advantageous relative to competitive products. 1) We can run at flow rates of up to 100 ml/min in our version of the system, and still be at low pressure. This allows us to use radial flow columns and means that we can complete our process more rapidly than might otherwise be true. Secondly, the software is very straightforward; method editing is easy to master and to remember, even for researchers who aren't using the system frequently. The graphical display also makes it very easy monitor the system, and to run it in manual mode, which is particularly useful during column washing and equilibration. The system has plenty of flexibility, allowing users to perform all of the usual chromatography protocols. The air detection system not only protects the columns, but allows us to use all of our column loads. Finally, I think that the simplicity of the design of the liquid flow path allows the user to easily diagnose any leaks or other problems that might occur.

"We are quite happy with [the QuantaSep's] performance and reliability. It does the job it was designed to do. I can recommend it to anyone seeking an automated chromatography system."

Keith Bauer

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