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Sepragen Corporation, based in Union City, California, provides break-through products and processes to the biotechnology and nutraceutical industries for their process development and manufacturing needs. Our products enable our customers several fold higher productivity in a smaller footprint, ease of use and rapid, predictable scale up of processes from the laboratory to production. This results in lower capital outlay, lower cost of goods and rapid time to market. All products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and with the standards of traceability and cGMP compliance. Sepragen provides all the necessary documentation support and support services related to validation, IQ/OQ and follow on preventative maintenance.

In the biotechnology industry our products are used by industry leaders on four continents and are today used in making 24 FDA approved drugs. Sepragen’s growing menu of products includes both downstream and upstream products. All unique and backed by 16 patents these products include chromatography columns and accessories, column packing systems, chromatography systems, chromatography resins and bioreactors. As with its product portfolio Sepragen’s geographical footprint has also expanded with the addition of its latest manufacturing operation in India and a growing base of distributors.

Outside of biotechnology, Sepragen has developed and patented processes to isolate proteins from dairy whey, remove bitterness from citrus juices, isoflavones from soy and trace contaminants such as heavy metals and organics from process and ground water. Several of these processes have been licensed to third parties.


We bring our unbridled innovative spirit in service of you, the customer. We will reach for products and solutions that will help you develop and manufacture life saving drugs rapidly and cost effective within the framework of compliance. We operate with a spirit of fairness, integrity, teamwork and mutual respect. We deliver what we promise.


As a leading manufacturer of liquid chromatography products, Sepragen is committed to total quality management. Our entire staff is pledged to provide superior products and services to our customers. To assure the uncompromising quality our customers require, Sepragen applies a comprehensive program of standard operating procedures to all our products. We are committed to meeting various international standards as applicable such as: ISO 9001, 2000, CE, FDA Compliance, 21 CFR Pt.11, USP Grade VI, ASME, and GAMP4, amongst others.

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