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Case Study : 9X Higher Flow

  • Faster Time to Market
  • Smaller Footprint
  • Better Economics
Superflo® Columns can dramatically reduce separation times and costs of both labor and materials. The data below was obtained from a plasma fractionation facility. The study was performed in order to compare the performance of a Superflo®-20L Column with that of a 16L axial flow column. Table 1 shows a comparison of the performance of the two columns. With the Superflo® Column, flow rates increased over 3 fold with a corresponding increase in separation speed from three shifts to one shift without affecting product recovery or purity.

Pilot Scale
Axial Flow Column Superflo® Column
Flow rate: 25 L/hr 75-95 L/hr
Production rate: 350 L/3 shifts 350 L/shift
Column size: 16 L 20 L

Scale-up on radial flow columns resulted in 1/3 column size, 1/3 processing time and 1/3 media cost.

Production Scale
Axial Flow Column Superflo® Column
Flow rate: 200 L/hr 200 L/hr
Production rate: 1000 L/3 shifts 1000 L/shift
Column size: 160 L 60 L
Cost of Packing Media: $320,000 $120,000
Initial Savings in Media Costs - $200,000

7X Higher Flow

  • Shorter Process Time
  • Better Yield
Purification of an Intracellular Bacterial  Enzyme on DEAE Sepharose®
The example below shows the isolation of a recombinant protein. Not only is the processing time decreased, but the recovery is enhanced due to reduction of on column proteolytic degradation.

9X Performance Advantage

  • Smaller Columns
  • Shorter Process Times
Comparison of Axial and Radial Flow  Chromatography - 300X Scale-Up
Cod Dnase was isolated from fishmeal and purified using Q Sepharose Fast Flow. Lab scale studies show a 7X faster flow, which is enhanced to 9X productivity advantage upon scale-up to 100gm runs from 2500-liter preps.

Cod Dnase Isolation on Q Sepharose® Fast Flow Lab Scale Results (10mg to 300mg lots)
Column (ml) Flow Rate (CV/hr) Cycle Time (hr) Purification(N-fold) Yeild (%) Productivity (mg/hr/ml)
Axial 60ml 10 1.3 20 100 .13
Axial 2.5L 8 1.4 13 76 .10
Radial 250ml 70 .25 17 107 .70

Cod Dnase Isolation on Q Sepharose® Fast Flow Production Scale Results (100gm lots)
Column (ml) Flow Rate (CV/hr) Cycle Time (hr) Purification(N-fold) Yeild (%) Productivity (mg/hr/ml)
Axial 16L 9.5 1.6 5.2 52 3.4
Radial 5L 84 1.9 15 152 .12

2000X Scale-Up

A separation developed on a copper chelating resin using conventional chromatography was scaled up 2000X with identical performance but a 50% increase in throughput.

Easy Scale-Up Saves Time to Clinic

With Superflo® Columns, the sample size and flow rate can be increased linearly. When the column length is increased in proportion to the sample size, the flow rate increases linearly as well. At the same time, the pressure drop, contact time, and separation time remain unchanged; because the bed depth (radius of the column) is constant.

Pressure-Flow Curve for Process Superflo® Columns


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