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QS Column Packing System



QS Packer is the world’s first automated packing system for packing its innovative Superflo, Radial Flow Columns. The packing skid enables:
  • the easy and reproducible packing of production scale Radial Flow columns to be done automatically
  • reduced reliance on “technique” and specific operator skill and ensures a standardized operation across a range of operators
  • reproducibility in column performance by using the same criteria for packing while noting any deviations
  • column performance can be calculated after column packing and reassessed periodically after storage and before re-use
  • It enables electronic documentation of packing batch record. Different packing methods for different size Columns or different resins can be stored and recalled on demand.
  • Data can be stored and compared with pre-set pass/ fail criteria for validated use.

The PC-driven, skid-mounted mobile system consists of pneumatically driven diaphragm pumps and automated diaphragm slurry and buffer valves, column packing and running valve manifold, air removal device and sensors for measuring pressure, air, UV and conductivity.

The system takes the user through the various steps of:
  • Air removal
  • column priming,
  • column packing,
  • bed stabilization and
  • column packing integrity check.

The software enables either operator driven manual packing via a user friendly GUI or method driven automated packing once clear procedures are developed. Various packing protocols which include different flow rates, packing pressures for different columns and different resins can be stored in the QS Packer’s 21 CFR Pt11 compliant software. A salt, acetone or trace protein may be used to check bed integrity. The system software calculates the Asymmetry and HETP. Column packing batch reports are created and may be stored for review, comparison and retrieval.

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