Radial Flow Chromatography

Radial Flow Chromatography

What is Radial Flow Chromatography?

Radial Flow Chromatography is a technology that Sepragen invented over 30 years ago, and it is still widely used in the Bioprocessing community. The concept is very simple, to improve the " throughput" of Chromatographic steps you need to develop a means that uses more surface area of the column along with a short bed depth.

Radial Flow Chromatography Animation

Radial Flow Columns provide an elegant, simple and proven way to scale up sample volumes and flow rates in small diameter (Small footprint) columns. The Radial Flow Columns, termed Superflo®, can be used with any Ion Exchange, Affinity & Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatographic resin.

Some of the problems with conventional column scale up are:

  • Slow flow rates and large cycle times
  • Greater resin usage for same productivity
  • Bigger columns and Large Footprint
  • Performance compromise on scale up
  • Packing is unwieldy and requires investment in infrastructure
  • High Purification costs


RFC (Radial Flow Chromatography) Columns enable:

  • Shorter cycle times for Protein A, IEX, Affinity and HIC steps
  • Small Footprint
  • 4 – 10 X higher flow rates per sq m
  • Low operating pressures
  • Easy, Rapid, Consistent slurry packing and unpacking
  • Superior HETP, better recovery and lower pool volume
  • Rapid linear scale-up
  • Reduction of purification costs
Radial Flow Chromatography Columns
Lab Radial

Radial Flow Columns

Radial Flow Columns have a higher sample application area than conventional axial columns.

Radial Flow Chromatography Column
  • For the same linear velocity, the volumetric flow-rate is thus much higher
  • Since the desired volume can be achieved without going wider, the footprint is smaller
  • Small bed heights can be achieved within an annular configuration
  • Packing columns is easier and more manageable


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"This is a personal letter of recommendation for Sepragen Corporation. We have purchased 6 columns ranging from 10lt to 200lt from Sepragen, and the craftsmanship, service and quality has been excellent. They have always been willing to go the extra mile to help and support us through our startup and maintenance activities until we are successful. Sepragen really puts their customers first."

Jeffrey Stephens
Project Coordinator