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WEDGE Radial Column for Scale-Up Chromatography

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Sepragen’s Wedge columns are “a slice of the pie”. In other words the Wedge Columns represent a piece of the Superflo Radial flow columns and mimic the flow distribution in the columns. The flow enters through the side with the larger area (with the larger frit mimicking the outer frit in the radial columns) and exits through the port with the smaller area (mimicking the inner frit of the radial column). The distance between the frits represents the bed height, which is the same for both the Wedge and the process radial columns which could be 5 cm, 7.5cm, 10cm or 15 cm as needed. Packing is done in an analogous manner by pumping slurry into the cavity between the frits to the appropriate pressure which defines the desired resin compaction. Thus the Wedge is a very good tool for scale studies while scaling up a process on radial flow columns. It also serves as a useful tool for scale down studies while trouble shooting existing process size radial flow column processes. While viral clearance studies have been done on axial columns with the same bed, the wedge columns serve as useful model for these studies as well.


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WEDGE Radial Columns

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